About Security

Concordia University of Edmonton contracts the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires to provide security services to the campus community. Security personnel conduct regular patrols of the campus keeping a watchful eye out for hazards, suspicious activity, and security risks. Concordia security staff are available on a 24-hour basis, by calling: 780-479-8761 or 5555 from an internal phone.

Security staff are not police officers; consequently, they do not have the same authorities or powers. 

The role of the security staff is to:

  1. Provide information and general assistance to the campus community.
  2. Patrol and monitor the campus for security and safety issues.
  3. Report suspicious, hazardous, or inappropriate conditions or activities to the proper authority.
  4. Log all unusual incidents for future reference.
  5. Control and monitor building and restricted area access.
  6. Provide emergency first aid service.
  7. Expedite, assist, and supplement the services of external emergency response agencies.

The training of the security staff is designed with the above in mind. Security duties are generally proactive and preventative. The staff are not trained as peace officers, investigators, or as mediators. They will, however, assist any person in need of such services by referring you to the appropriate authorities and by recording the details of any incident for the purpose of an investigation.

In order to more effectively monitor campus security, Concordia maintains a log of security incidents and hazards. You may report an incident or hazard in person at the Plant Operations/Security office or by calling 780-479-8761 or 5555 from an internal phone. The Security office, P106C is located just east of Founders Hall, adjacent to the Receiving Office.

If you are unable to contact security and have an urgent need, contact the Director of Security Services, Andrew Sterne on 780 479 9311 Office or 780 499 0151 Cell.

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