Security Tips

Be Safe.  Although Concordia has a low crime rate, every year a few students at Concordia are victims of acts of vandalism, theft or other crimes.

  • Never leave your valuables; laptop, tablet, smartphone, package, purse or wallet unattended. That quick walk to the cafeteria washroom is all the time it takes to lose your valuables.
  • Always keep expensive items on your person. Lockers and cars can be broken into. Better yet, don't bring these articles to campus unless absolutely necessary.
  • Always lock your vehicles and store valuables in the trunk or out of sight.
  • Lock bicycles with a good quality lock.
  • Become familiar with people who have lockers in your area.
  • Keep your locker combinations to yourself and use a good quality lock.
  • Walk with a trusted friend or call Campus Security, 780 479-8761 or 5555 from an internal phone, when leaving campus buildings late at night.
  • Know your surroundings and do not place yourself in dangerous situations.

Recommended Locks

These styles of shrouded locks make it hard for anyone to break in to your locker. If you purchase this style or another style of good quality lock you are making it hard for a criminal to steal your property.

lock style 1Lock style 2lock style 3

Locking Your Bicycle

Here are some tips from the Stolen Bikes in Edmonton webpage. 


Use a U-lock, a heavy-duty chain (with a heavy duty lock: a normal padlock is easy to cut), or use a U-lock in combination with a cable lock.

Do not use just a cable lock: hand-held cutters will cut through most cheap cable locks, and even very expensive cable locks can be cut more easily than a good U-lock. Thicker cable locks may just take 3 snips instead of 1 snip: they’re not enough to protect your bike.

Most bikes are stolen from backyards and out of garages or sheds. When your bike is at home, keep it locked, or at least out of sight.

If your bike has a quick-release seat, either always take your seat with you (even at home), or change it to use an allen bolt.

If your bike has quick-release wheels, make sure that they are also locked up. Use your U-lock so that it passes through the frame and one your wheels (or both, if you take one wheel off). A bike with no wheels isn’t much better than a stolen bike.

Lock to something secure. If you lock to a branch, or a post that isn’t cemented to the ground, or to something that a thief can lift the lock over, you’re risking your bike. There are bike stands located between the Tegler Centre and Founders Hall, between the Library and Hole Academic Centre and on the north end of the soccer field. 


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